Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies - Review

Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies
Rating: E - Everyone

Nancy is hired by Melina, the curator of the Phidias Cultural Center Greek Museum, ostensibly to find out why the Museum can't keep its staff. Too easy for Nancy. The game soon morphs into more than a personnel problem. Melina is away, searching for missing jewelry and she asks Nancy to check on the provenance of items in the museum. To me that means forgery.

The situation is complicated further by being linked with an elaborate production of Persephone to celebrate the museum's new exhibit. The theater includes numerous sets depicting various states of Hades all being able to be lifted from the basement onto the stage. These complications alone account for many of Nancy's puzzles.

The location is bounded by the museum and the stage complex there are no forays into greater Greece. But the game is and heavily into Greek mythology, history, art and architecture.

Nancy's connection to the curator is through the phone the people she does have physical contact with are the theater group sort of a motley collection of actors in Greek costumes. We have Xenai directing and playing the lead character, Gregor is Hermes the narrator/chorus, Niobe plays Demeter, Persepone's mother and goddess of growing things and finally Thanos as Hades who looks and acts the part. Everyone knows the snake gets the best lines.

In the absence of Melina, the curator, Nancy is tasked with running the museum - and here is the most enjoyable part. She must learn about Greek history, mythology. art and architecture mostly thorough books scattered about and this the basis of a large number of puzzles. Others involve mechanical manipulation, colors, codes. The seat request problem reminds me of the logical puzzles in the Zoombinis, an early children's logic game - also fun. As with all Nancy Drew games you cannot take two steps in the story without having to solve a puzzle which can diminish the flow of the story. Also the game could have had a better title "Vacation in Hades"?

If you are new to Nancy Drew games it is a point and click adventure. You are offered two modes of play, Amateur or Master Sleuth. Amateur provides hints and a task list showing what still needs to be done - a subtle assist in itself. I wonder why it took Her Interactive so long to get into the Greek scene it is so rich in stories, places, characters. Plenty to to see here worth another adventure.

Fun Factor: Puzzles are varaied and stay close to the story
Female Factor: No really strong females except for our Nancy
Player Friendly: No problem - hints if you wish

Reviewed by: Editor - Dec/14

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